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Coil Analyzers & Power Supply Units

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1Coil Analyzers & Power Supply Units Coil analyzers and power supply units are portable and lightweight devices intended for use in harsh switchyard and industrial environments. The typical application is switchgear and circuit breaker testing when substation battery is not connected or available. An advantage over substation battery is enabled testing in under-voltage and over-voltage conditions. Furthermore, the stable voltage outputs with a very low ripple (<0,5%) enable an analysis of the coil and motor current graphs recorded with circuit breaker analyzers from different vendors.

1. Power supply for coils and spring-charging motors

2. Testing circuit breaker’s coils, motor, and auxiliary circuit

All coil analyzers and power supply units have four separate outputs for opening and closing coils.

It has two powerful motor outputs (AC and DC) which can withstand up to 40 A inrush current.

This have DC motor output rated up to 30 A and 40 A respectively. With the use of motor outputs, POB and SAT can also be used as a power source or a temporary battery charger.

II series instruments can be controlled via PC. The DV-Win application software is used to control both SAT and CAT (Circuit Breaker Analyzers & Timers) devices at the same time, making a unique test system for switchgear and circuit breaker testing.