Solar EPC

Solar energy has over the years emerged as a very efficient and economic option among all available renewable sources of energy. This has motivated Dynamic Ede Solutions to bring it in our product menu and make it available for you in its best form of equipment and technology. Following are the details of how we do it.

Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 33KV & above power substations and Rooftop Solar power projects

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Project Planning & Conceptualization

• Surveying the site of installation
• Designing a Preliminary Plant
• Finding Technical and Economic Feasibility
• Making Component Selection

To finalize Drawings & Design, we start the process by carrying out a thorough site analysis including various facets such as readiness of existing earthing and electrical setup, natural situations such as temperature & solar irradiation and soil evaluation. Our expertise in having dealt with a variety of diverse modules, inverters, cables and even monitoring systems in extreme Indian operational conditions puts us in good stead to select equipment and vendors that will offer the highest return on our customer’s financial investment. As we are one of the emerging system integrators in India – we rely upon our robust relationships with various vendors to source all equipment and its spares at highly competitive rates while our professional approach helps us in selecting the most suitable components based on individual site, quality and cost factors. The various equipment including the choice and type of modules, inverters, and mounting systems are chosen after a complete technical and economic feasibility evaluation of the project resulting in the final approval of design of the plant. In this manner we bring you the best of equipment and technology.

Project Installation & Commissioning

• Ramming/ Piling
• Mounting of Modules
• Laying Cables
• Assembly of Inverters
• Pre Commission Testing
• Grid Connectivity
• Final Commissioning

The Company looks forward to ensure timely completion and professional implementation of all its projects. Our project managers monitor every activity ranging from technical, land procurement, logistical and safety issues. Our extensive homework and documentation with the essentials on-site approvals make sure a coordinated construction without external disruptions. Adequate quality control procedures certify the capability of our projects to deliver on time maximum generation levels and minimize future maintenance chaos. Our wide proficiency gathered with skill in various parts of India has advanced our operational capabilities in areas varying from soil leveling to power evacuations. Our proficient and skilled project management team ensures our projects have very low development periods and are installed at record-setting time-durations without any conciliation in quality. We also ensure regular completion of commissioning procedures including all government registrations and approvals.

• We conduct and contribute maximum in the project coordination meetings/Teleconference calls with all stakeholders in periodic manner; analyze all risks and recommend actions to nullify the same

• Prepare reports for submission to lenders, investors and the various Government bodies as required; Identify & Manage all risks and recommend actions to mitigate the same

• Assist all teams/members in resolving Design, Quality, Contract and Site Management related problems.

• Monitor overall project progress and submit the Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports for plan Vs actual and the reason for deviations along with revised recovery plans for the overall activities for the project.

Micro Grid

A micro grid is a small-scale power production and delivery system containing distributed generation facilities co-located with the sites having loads they serve. Micro grids cover many types of energy generation resources, storage systems, and efficiency programs, allowing for optimum utilization of renewable energy resources and enabling advanced energy management, demand response, and load reduction solutions.

Micro grids are capable of connecting to the utility grid to purchase power from the grid or sell it back to the grid as conditions apply. Micro grids can also be fabricated and designed to operate “islanded” when the utility grid is not present for the same.